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Mouldings Crown, Scribe and Base

Closet Works offers the option of outfitting your new closet or organization system in crown, scribe and base moulding. Many customers select crown and base moulding simply for the finished, elegant look it adds to a closet or organization system. Crown moulding is available in contemporary or traditional styles and is a two-piece installation, including the fascia and crown as separate pieces. Base moulding is also avaialble in contemporary and traditional styles, with the addition of base slab moulding and base quarter round to finish off the bottom edge.

Scribe moulding is used against the wall. It can be ordered in custom heights with or without the optional scribe quarter round. It is best used when walls and floors are not straight. Every home is unique and contains imperfections that need to be addressed prior to installation — which is why Closet Works goes out of their way to ensure every detail is perfect for an end result you can be proud to show off. We recommend applying the base, scribe and crown moulding during installations where walls and floors might not be straignt. Used in this way, it goes a long way to disguise the gaps that might become evident when your perfectly straight closet system is installed against a croocked wall or floor, ensuring a flawless look.

Mouldings are available in every color to match your Closet Works system. Click on any image for a larger view.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding can butt up to the ceiling, or simply be installed against the top of any height system for a decorative, furniture type look. All crown moulding installations require both the fascia and crown pieces.

Fascia Board
Contemporary Crown Molding
Contempo Style
Contemporary Crown Molding Sample Photo
Contempo Example
Traditional Crown Molding
Traditional Style
Traditional Crown Molding Sample Photo
Traditional Example

Scribe Moulding

Standard scribe molding
Scribe Moulding
Standard quarter round used with scribe molding
Quarter Round

Base Moulding

Standard quarter round used with base molding
Quarter Round
Standard quarter round used with base molding example
Quarter Round Eample
Contemporary base shoe molding
Contempo Style Shoe
Contemporary style base shoe molding example
Contempo Example
Traditional base molding
Traditional Style Shoe
Traditional base molding example
Traditional Example
Base slab molding
Base Slab
Base slab molding example
Base Slab Example

Flutes can be order with or without rosettes. The flutes are one piece and available in lengths up to 94" — when ordering rosettes, they are integrated into the flute, not separate pieces.

Flutes with or without rosettes
Flute Styles
flute with rosettes installed in closet island
With Rosette Example

We know every space has some specific requirements and Closet Works shines when it comes to customizing these unique spaces. Tight spaces, angled roof lines and difficult plaster walls don't scare us — Closet Works knows how to start with a difficult space and make it well organized and functional. Sometimes we are requested to install the new closet or organization unit where a heating vent exists. This is no problem for a suspended system, but a floor based system could block the vent unless a cut out is installed in the system, ensuring adequate air flow. Closet Works offers two styles of cut outs — the scalloped floor piece and the cut out with grill cover.

Scalloped Vent Cut Out
Scalloped Vent
Vent Cut Out with Grill Cover
Vent with Grill Cover

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