The Crystal Palace of Closets: Featuring Glass Components Combined with Dramatic Walk In Closet Island & Lighting

Master Closet With Unique Walk-In Closet Lighting System for Glass and Transluscent Stone Components

This palatial closet/dressing room will truly take your breath away. Featuring walls of glass shelves and glass cabinets with custom walk-in closet lighting options, it is a grand space offering a light, bright, airy and open feeling that inspires thoughts of the original Crystal Palace in London. The footprint of this closet is slightly smaller than that 1851 great exhibition hall, but still offers an incredibly expanisive center section with two large closet islands. Each walk in closet island provides plenty of drawer space for lingerie and folded items. The drawers in the twin islands are furnished with custom closet organizers and drawer separators that offer ample storage in a neat and organized fashion. Mirrors were installed on the ends of each island, increasing the reflective light throughout the room — they're also perfect for checking your footware. Wardrobe style closets with glass doors cover nearly three walls of the main walk-in closet space, keeping clothing for all occasions at hand with no worries about dust accummulating on evening gowns or less frequently worn items. All the wall closets with hanging rods are outfitted with LED walk-in closet lighting, making it easy to find that perfect outfit. Glass shoe shelves along one wall stand ready to organize an elaborate collection of purses and shoes. The shoe shelves are lit with vertical dressing room lighting and the total effect of focused light against all that glass creates a shoe organization system that could even make Cinderella envious.

An additional corridor off this main section adds even more closet space. It is outfitted with floor to ceiling glass door cabinets — each with double hanging space. The upper racks of these 10 foot tall wardrobe closets are equipped with electronic pull down closet rods, allowing this double hang section to be long enough hold dresses that might traditionally be relegated to a smaller long hang section. The electronic closet rods lower smoothly by remote control so that blouses and dresses can be browsed and selected from a comfortable eye level.

Walk-in closet organization system with custom LED lighting system
Master closet and dressing room for Her with glass cabinet doors and glass shoe shelves — all lit with an elaborate LED walk in closet lighting system that includes several backlit light panels for the transluscent stone countertop. Additional show stopping features of this closet inclide the electronic pull down rods in the wardrobe closets — bringing the upper level of hanging down to eye level to make it easy to browse and select clothing. LED dressing room lights keep those closets bright and further enhance the ease of selecting shoes and clothing. The size, light, glass and innovations in this closet inspire comparisons to London's renowned Crystal Palace Great Exhibition Hall and its revolutionary use of glass and light throughout the building.
By J. McNeven ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Original Crystal Palace Great Exhibition Hall, Hyde Park London 1851

Closet Details Featuring Walk In Closet Island & Dressing Room Lighting

Glass panel cabinet doors in custom closet system
Glass cabinet doors
Combinaion of a long, narrow closet and large center area with walk in closet island
Large walk-in plus long, narrow corridor closet section
built-in tilt out closet hampers
Tilt out closet hampers
Electronic Pull Down Closet Rod
custom built-in window seat with storage
Window seat with storage
Wall of glass shoe shelves and closet shoe organization system
Wall of glass shoe shelves
Glass shoe shelves open the space preventing light from being blocked
Cinderella style glass shoe shelves
Stone countertop underlit with custom walk-in closet lighting system
Custom LED walk-in closet lighting panels under transluscent countertop creates a glowing effect
Vertical dressing room lighting system along shoe shelves keeps everything easy to find
Dressing Room lighting options include vertical LED strip lighting along sides of shoe shelves
walk in closet island drawer organizer
Drawer dividers
walk in closet island lingerie drawer organizer
Lingerie dividers
walk in closet island jewelry drawer organizer for eye glasses
Organizer for eye glasses
mirrors on the sides of the closet island increase light
Mirrored sides of closet islands increase overall light
full view of closet with glass and led dressing room lighting
LED dressing room lights used with glass doors and shoe shelves brighten the space
velvet lined closet organizers for jewelry and small items
Locked drawer with silver velvet lined closet organizers for jewelry & small items

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