Walk In Closet in the Craftsman Style with Built In Hutch & Other Closet Built In Features

Closet with Built In Hutch Influenced by the American Craftsman Style

The American Craftsman style reacted against the eclectic Victorian 'over-decorated' aesthetic, emphasizing simplicity, decluttering, and custom handiwork over mass production. This closet design incorporates some of the best ideas of this movement with its clean lines, built-in cabinetry, originality, simplicity of form, and the visibility of handicraft. This is truly a one of a kind closet that the founders of the American Arts and Crafts Movement would have loved. A custom closet hutch with mirrored doors spans one wall, offering plenty of storage for accessories and anything else you might want to store in your closet. This hutch includes a marble counter top, and offers similar functionality to a closet island — but with a smaller footprint. The mirrored doors are perfect for checking your hat and/or makeup before heading out. The bank of drawers incorporated into the lower portion of the hutch provide as much storage as a traditional dresser, but they are fitted into the closet as a custom built-in and include accessories like jewelry organizers plus the ability to lock the drawers. The other walls of the closet are outfitted with hanging space. Areas for frequently worn clothing are open, whereas clothing worn less often has its own custom cabinetry with doors. This simplifies and dclutters the space, while protecting the contents. The overall look is hand crafted, clean and uncluttered.

Custom Closet Built In Details

Custom built in hutch unit for closet organization system in craftsman style
closet built in with Craftsman style features
Custom closet built in hutch with mirror

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