Bing Corner Closet with Closet Ladder Increases Usable Storage

Corner Closet with Rolling Closet Ladder Takes Advantage of High Ceilings

Implementing Best Small Walk In Closet Ideas — Maximize Storage in Corner Closet With High Ceilings Using a Closet Ladder

Designing for a space that is very tall and narrow can be a challenge. The professional designers at Closet Works are experts at maximizing storage space for difficult areas like this corner closetwhile retaining accessibility for the customer.

This custom corner closet design includes a rolling closet ladder to reach the higher shelves. The ladder glides easily and silently across the floor, never in the way, but available when needed. It slides along the same principle as barn doors — and the reliable, tried and true harware is similar to that used by farmers for many years. The greatest advantage of having a rolling ladder is that they are a great space saving idea and a perfect solution for small living spaces. Rolling ladders do not take any valuable floor space and you can always tuck it away when not using it.

Whether you've recently downsized and need to find ways to store your gear in a smaller space, or you're simply a fan of the "less is more" motto, most people can benefit from good small walk in closet ideas. In this example, all the items used frequently, like clothing, are kept on the lower portion of the system using rods and a bank of shelves — they can be grabbed quickly and easily when you're in a hurry. The upper shelves are perfect for the homeowners reference library. They are also a very good solution to storing seasonal items. The countertop above the shelves functions similar to a traditional chest of drawers and is great for showcasing photos and memorabilia, adding a level of personalization that transends the practical function of the storage, making it into a beautiful showpiece as well.

Custom hutch unit for closet ladder organization system in craftsman style
Organization system for corner closet with high ceilings
Small walk in closet ideas with closet ladder for high ceilings
Reference books on top with clothing below
Close-up of rolling closet ladder in corner closet
Rolling closet ladder creates easy access to upper shelves

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