Luxury Closet Ideas: Opulent, Yet Budget-Friendly, Solution in a Large Walk In Closet

Closet Design Ideas that Combine Storage with Flair in a Large Walk In Closet

In an entrancing white laminate with painted lowland wood drawer faces, this walk-in closet emulates a majestic snow palace. This design is loaded with luxury — from full length mirrored doors and glass cabinets to solid wood drawer faces. The painted wood drawer faces and solid maple base and crown moldings are a budget-friendly solution to fufill the desire of opulence. Other custom features include slanted shoe shelves with fences, pull-out jewelry organizers, and a spacious center island dresser.

large walk in closet with custom mirror doors and glass cabinets
The many glass panel closet doors offer the feeling of a private getaway with built in cabinetry rather than just a storage closet.
closet design ideas for shoe storage
An entire wall is devoted to footwear storage. The bottom shelves hold boots and the upper shelves keep shoes ready and organized.
closet design ideas for jewelry in large walk in closet island dresser
The closet island with numerous drawers and the vertical pull-out jewelry organizers add convenient storage for small items.

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