Expansive Master Walk In Closet With Drawers, Island & Pull Down Closet Rods

walk in closet with closet island and window hutch
This large walk in closet provides and enormous amount of drawers for folded clothing. Knits, sweaters and delicate garments all benefit from being folded rather than hung on hangers — and this closet has a space for all of it. Items that are best folded will generally last longer in this type of closet storage. Most of the shelves are intended for the owner's expansive collection of shoes, but they are also designed to house handbags, as well as bulkier folded items.

This Closet With Drawers Offers a Place for Everything

This walk in closet with drawers has an overwhelming sense of tranquility — becoming a soothing oasis for your wardrobe. The Raincloud laminate was chosen as a serene and subdued option that gives this master walk in an all-embracing, calming atmosphere. The expansive shelves and enormous bank of drawers stretch along the wall offering abundant space for folded clothing, jewelry and smaller items. To facilitate reachable access in a tall closet, pull down closet rods for hanging clothing have been installed. A center island provides even further closet storage. It includes a seating area at one end so the owner can sit when putting on shoes. Accessories such as telescoping valet poles, pull-out tie organizers, and double hooks are included for an enhanced user experience that results in a very personalized space. The entire walk in closet organization system is balanced around a beautiful, centered window hutch. This design turns the window into a central feature of the closet by building shelving and drawers as a frame around the opening. The light and view are used to advantage, becoming the natural focus of the space.

Detail Views With Drawers & Pull Down Closet Rods

wall of shelves and closet with drawers for master walk in
This closet with drawers includes shelves for shoes that stretch along the wall. The center island features integrated bench seating so that the owner can sit when putting on all those shoes.
pull down closet rods to help reach clothes in tall closets
This closet uses every inch of available space and is built all the way to the ceiling with storage. Rather than resorting to a step stool to reach the higher hanging sections of this closet, pull down closet rods were installed to aid in accessibility

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