Bing Turning a Spare Bedroom into a Designer Closet for Her

Spare Bedroom Converts to Designer Closet for Her

custom walk in closet bedroom to closet conversion with double hang clothing rods
This beautiful walk-in closet design works with the features of the home rather than against them — fine construction details include backerboard on a combination floor-based and suspended system to disguise the windows.

There is plenty to consider when converting a spare bedroom into a closet. Aside from options with your desired aesthetic, it is important to keep in mind the mutable affect that decreasing the number of bedrooms may have on your home. Real estate value is generally higher on homes with more bedrooms, therefore it is important to decide if your closet will be a permanent replacement for the spare bedroom. In this case, not only was a phenomenal and breathtaking masterpiece created in its place, but a careful construction was erected with alterable features in preparation for when the time comes to resell the home as the original four bedroom rather than three. Impermanent fixtures of this walk in closet include backerboards to cover the windows — a perfect solution as to not interfere with the structure of the home with the possibility of one day putting the house back on the market. By using a combination floor-based and suspended model, backerboards were able to be seamlessly integrated to solve the window dilemma. The backerboards can seen from outside but by no means at all create an unpleasant sight. Fortunately this room was on the side of the house, even more reason to put up backboards that wouldn't be very noticeable.

This beautiful walk in closet has a classy and contemporary charm that any modern day fashionista would fall in love with. The white laminate system contrasts nicely with the shadowy, decorative ceiling allowing the design to pop. The center island has an exquisite Silestone countertop and lively pink cushioned bench seat for a splash of color. Island features also include several locking, velvet-lined drawers keep jewelry safe and organized as well as a sunglasses divider. As a stand-out piece, a customized 360 Organizer Valet model has been built into the corner offering shoe, purse, clutch storage and drawer space all the while being a brilliant showcase of these precious items. Separate cabinets were provided for storage of folded items — one of the cabinets offers accessory storage alone with convenient pull-outs. The system does not extend all the way to the ceiling leaving room for bulky, larger items to be easily stored and accessed with a step ladder.

walk in closet with custom closet island
Walk in closet has a luxurious center island with a Silestone countertop, bench with colorful cushioned seat, and custom locking jewelry drawers

Fashionista Closet Conversion: Transforming a Bedroom Into a Spacious Designer Closet, Including a Custom Closet Purse Organizer in the Separate Purse Closet

bedroom to designer closet conversion with 360 Organizer valet
360 Organizer Valet is built into corner with maximum shoe storage
backerboard to cover windows in bedroom to designer closet conversion
Backerboard to cover windows in bedroom to closet conversion
purse closet and cabinet for sweaters or folded items
Cabinet for folded items and sweaters
detail view of bedroom conversion to fashionista closet
Detail view of expansive storage
fashionista closet includes an island with cushioned bench seat
Custom cushioned bench seat for closet island
cabinet with pull outs for closet purse organizer
Cabinet for storage of purses and clutches
custom shelves for folded clothing and larger bags
Shelves for additional folded items and larger bags
double hang clothing rods and cabinet for folded clothing
Double hang clothing rods and closet cabinet for folded clothing
purse closet with pull out shelves
Purse and clutch storage cabinet with pull outs
360 organizer valet for purse closet organizer accessory storage
360 Organizer Valet for shoes and accessory storage
velvet lined drawers for jewelry organization
Velvet inserts keeps jewelry in its best condition
jewelry divider for drawer
Custom jewelry inserts keep jewelry organized
three tier acrylic jewelry divider
Three Tier Acrylic Jewelry Organizer
locking jewelry drawers for closet island dresser
Each jewelry drawer is locking for ultimate safekeeping
custom velvet lined sunglasses organizer
Sunglasses stay neat and organized in their very own drawer
custom sunglasses organizer for up to 12 pairs
Velvet insert holds up to 12 pairs of sunglasses
center view of bedroom to designer closet conversion
Center View of Bedroom to Closet Conversion
bedroom converted to fashionista closet
Bedroom to closet conversion was a success for the homeowner
fashionista closet with double hang clothing rods
Closet has double hang clothing rods covering nearly half of the closet
view of backerboard from outside the home
Backerboard from the outside view

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