Luxury Closet Refuge: Relax, Recharge, Refresh

luxury closet refuge
This closet uses a combination of built-in dressers, shelves, organized shoe storage, and overstuffed seating to transform the space into a personal sanctuary.

Make your closet into a luxurious refuge and dressing room!

Closets can be more than just a place to stick your clothes. A well-designed closet can also be your personal refuge where you relax, recharge, refresh, while winding-down from the stresses of the day.

If your home is your castle, your closet is your sanctuary. Master closets can be so much more than storage. There's no reason your closet can't be your private refuge and dressing room as well. A beautiful granite laminate with brushed chrome accents was chosen for this closet. Brushed chrome handles and shoe fences for the shelves and drawers complement the color and mid-century modern aesthetic in this space. An overstuffed chair with reading lamp provides a relaxing nook where the owner can destress and recharge each day. It transforms the space into a true dressing room/refuge rather than just a place to get dressed each day.

This luxury closet refuge includes a built-in closet dresser
This luxury closet refuge includes a built-in closet dresser with plenty of shelving above. A small closet rod below the upper shelves provides space to stage outfits before trying them on.
Luxury closet dressing room wall storage
Built-in closet wall storage opposite the dresser offers organized storage for shoes and clothing.

Luxury Closet Refuge Construction, Materials, & Closet Accessories:

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