Converting Office to Sleeping Quarters: Home Office Solutions Use Custom Components for Horizontal Murphy Bed/TV & Desk

Home Office Solutions with Horizontal Murphy Bed & Custom Desk System

TV mounts to underside of horizontal murphy bed
This combination home office/media center/guest room maximizes available space by having the television mounted to the panels that become the underside of the wall bed when the bed is in use. The TV remains in place and fully operational while the Murphy style bed is raised and lowered! In addition to maximizing space by mounting the television in this manner, selecting a horizontally oriented bed was important due to size restrictions in the room.
home office guest room with horizontal queen Murphy bed
Who wouldn't want to work from home at every chance if you had a desk set up like this one! The desk was custom designed to take full advantage of Chicago's beautiful lakeshore view of Burnham Harbor, while simultaneously circumventing the existing heating and cooling system. This required special cut-outs in the countertop and desk, plus additional support for the custom frosted glass desktop. Although quite heavy, the entire unit slides easily away from the window on installed furniture glides for HVAC maintenance.
Burnham Harbor from Lake Shore Drive Chicago

top shelf award winner
The expansive view of the harbor available from every room in this two bedroom condominium is the focal point of this home. The unit is loaded with amenities, but one thing that cannot be added or increased is the overall size and number of rooms. Being able to use the spare room for multiple purposes was very important in planning the space. The second bedroom in this home is used as a home office most of day. However, in the evening and over the weekend, it becomes a fun movie room with reclining seating and a large screen television. When friends come for an overnight visit, it easily makes another transformation into a comfortable guest bedroom equipped with a queen size bed.

Careful consideration of the design and construction of each desired feature was essential in order to accommodate all the uses of this room. The best place for the desk is in front of the window. The eastern exposure lets in maximum sunlight without heating the room TOO much, while the the water and boats offer a relaxing view to rest the eyes while working. A custom desk was essential in this situation. Air conditioning and heating units with controls were already located along the east side of the room and could not be relocated. Special cut-outs for the vents and HVAC controls were designed into the desk. Additionally, the entire desk is constructed on furniture slides so that it can readily pull out from the wall and window in order to service the heating and cooling. The client favored a frosted glass countertop to reflect the color of the water below as his desktop. Special consideration was required in the construction of the desk to support this desktop and allow it to be movable.

The media center/wall bed spans the north side of the room. In order to maximize the amount of space available for comfortable recliners against the opposite wall, a horizontal type wall bed/horizontal Murphy bed was used. This allows a queen size bed to be opened while maintaining enough space to walk around the room. To further maximize the available space, the large, flat screen television is mounted to the panels that make up the bottom of the wall bed. When the bed is in the closed position, the TV is centered in the middle of the media center, perfect for viewing from the sofa. When the bed is opened for sleeping, the television remains anchored to the wall bed panels and is firmly secured to the underside of the bed. All wires and electronics remain intact and are ready for viewing again when the custom Closet Works bed/horizontal Murphy bed is closed back up.

Custom Desk & Horizontal Wall Bed With TV Design Specifics:

Home Office & Horizontal Queen Murphy Bed Details

Horizontal Murphy bed with integrated television part of the home office solutions
More than just a horizontal Murphy bed — The TV remains mounted to the panels when the Closet Works horizontal wall beds are opened
Horizontal wall bed in open position allows generous floor space
Closet Works queen size horizontal queen Murphy bed maximizes both sleeping and floor space, like the original horizontal Murphy bed
Glass desktop is supported by 3/4 inch laminate
Frosted glass top on desk echoes the water outside
Home office solutions include a desktop air vent cut out
Home office solutions include an air vent cut-out in desk top
Home office solutions include a wall unit cabinet for electronics
Cabinet hides electrical connections & appliances
home office guest room includes glass desktop with cut out
Detail of glass top with cut-out for air vent
Horizontal Murphy bed with TV and wall unit in closed position
Horizontal wall beds can have TV mounted to panels
Horizontal wall bed open becomes comfortable sleeping quarters
Closet Works queen size horizontal wall bed / horizontal Murphy bed (the optional television is under the bed and remains securely mounted to the panel when the bed is opened)

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