New Bedroom Wardrobe Closets in Chicago

Add Luxury & Subtract Stress through Closet Organization

The addition of these bedroom wardrobe closets allows a couple to share their space while also creating a relaxing and organized environment. In this condominium bedroom, a standard bedroom closet was provided by the builder — but surely not sufficient space for two, especially if they pride themselves on being snappy dressers. Closet Works designed custom bedroom cabinetry, providing a unique and attractive closet organization solution for the lady of the house. The wardrobe style cabinets house her own separate collection of clothing, allowing her to maintain an extensive inventory of clothes and shoes, while staying on top of organization and away from chaos.

Cluttered spaces — including the closet — can be stressful. According to a study at UCLA by anthropologist Anthony P. Graesch, It's difficult to find time to sort, organize and manage these possessions." "Thus, our excess becomes a visible sign of unaccomplished work that constantly challenges our deeply engrained notions of tidy homes and elicits substantial stress. These homeowners decided to reduce any potential stress on their relationship that a surplus of posessions might cause with an organization makeover. Closet Works built these large bedroom wardrobe closets take advantage of every inch of footage along the main wall to ease any anxiety that might stem from having too many possessions crammed into too little space. By maximizing the storage space and including specific sections that spealize in storing different types of attire, elegant closet organization areas are available for each type of clothing. A well organized custom closet can eliminate the pandemonium of owning a enormous piles of clothes, making a soaring collection of clothing seem minimal. Custom designed sections particular to the length of each type of hanging clothing were included, allowing an orderly categorization of attire that includes everything from elegant formalwear to casual and lightweight blouses. A lengthier space for hanging skirts contains shelving space for extra storage of shoes and boots. Due to the large quantity of footwear and the space constrictions of the particular bedroom, a shoe storage solution involving numerous slide-out shelves was installed. It allows for up to twelve pairs of footwear to be organized per shelf. Particular consideration was given to the ease in both taking out and putting away shoes stored in the back due to the pull-out nature of the shelves.

Now the couple can kick back and relax! In addition to implementing storage space for hanging garments and shoes, this wardrobe also provides the means to organize accessories such as purses, shoes, and folded items. Additional compartments are available for putting away extra blankets, a series of designer bags, and even more shelving space for sweaters and pants. A set of drawers varying in depth accommodates undergarments. To top it all off, the unit allows overhead storage for bulkier and infrequently used items which are easily accessed with a step-ladder. Adorned with full-length mirrors to make the room appear larger and constructed in a bright white laminate, this design reflects luxury and elegance.

Custom luxurious bedroom wardrobe closet with mirror cabinet doors

Bedrooms, by definition, should be a place to relax, destress and recharge. According to researchers at UCLA, living in a cluttered space is unhealthy: our excess becomes a visible sign of unaccomplished work that constantly challenges our deeply engrained notions of tidy homes and elicits substantial stress. In order to relax, we must deal with the clutter.

This custom bedroom wardrobe closet is designed to contain and organize a mountain of household clutter, thus providing a more relaxing experience in the bedroom. Construction details that help acheive this include the custom height — by avoiding construction from floor to all the way up to the ceiling, the closet organization system provides convenient overhead storage and also leaves room for the air vent. The mirrored cabinet doors have been dowelled together, preserving the sense of order and symmetry while providing textural variance to one side of the wardrobe. Slide-out shelves for shoes made it possible to condense a high volume of footwear while also making it very easy to take each pair out and put them away. Furthermore, this luxurious wardrobe system is a floor based piece that looks as though it was always meant to be in the room as a custom built in. Installed along a wall that cuts back a couple of inches, there are two depths / two wardrobe closets.

Custom Wardrobe Closet Construction Details:

Custom cabinets streamline & organize possessions: How to create a relaxing bedroom ambience through closet organization.

full view of custom bedroom wardrobe closets with closet organization
View of the bedroom wardrobe closets with cabinets open
bedroom cabinetry closets solutions for a variety of belongings
These bedroom wardrobe closets were built around a jog in the wall
bedroom cabinet offers hanging space for a variety of different lengthed clothing
Custom closet organization offers diverse hanging sections and shelves
Side of bedroom wardrobe closets featuring storage potential and slide-out shoe shelves
Custom closet organization offers maximum storage for shoes and garments
Closet Organization using slide-out shoe shelves
Bedroom cabinet slide-out shoe shelves
Full view of bedroom wardrobe closets display custom closets solutions capability
Closet organization for a condominium bedroom wardrobe closet

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