Custom Wardrobe Closets In Chicago

Many homes do not have enough storage. They were either constructed in an age when standard closets were tiny, or were simply not designed with enough built-in storage space to meet the needs of modern homeowners. If insufficient storage is your problem, Closet Works can help! Our experienced designers have developed a multitude of closet storage systems that not only handle the storage needs of the modern household, but also serve as stand-alone showcases. Through the use of doors, glass panel inserts and drawers, we can create the kind of beautiful, customized wardrobe closet in Chicago that any homeowner would be proud to have out in the open.

The Beauty of Wardrobe Closets

Even if you don't have enough built-in closet space, you can create attractive, efficient storage with custom-built wardrobe closets. Our custom wardrobe design offers several advantages over a traditional walk-in or reach-in closet. You get total customization, which means you can choose a size that precisely fits your space, with shelving, hanging space, drawers, racks, cabinets or any other feature you choose. And because closet wardrobes are essentially high-quality, attractive pieces of furniture, they can showcase your style in a way that built-in closets cannot.

Key Benefits of Custom-Made Wardrobe Cabinets

Custom-built wardrobe closets combine the best of form and function by offering:

  • Aesthetics — Wardrobes act as beautiful and practical pieces of furniture, enhancing your room's aesthetics and unifying its style.
  • Space — Because our wardrobes are custom, they are perfect fit for your space, and provide the compartments and organizational features you desire.
  • Style — Because you get to choose the design, you can be sure your wardrobe will be an ideal addition to your room.
  • Maximized storage — There are virtually endless possibilities for creating a wardrobe that fits your precise specifications. Add shelves, cabinets, hanging areas or other features to accommodate everything from clothes to accessories.

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Why Choose Closet Works

When you're ready to add a custom wardrobe closet to your home, there's no better resource than Closet Works. Backed by more than 30 years of designing and building closets in Chicagoland, we are a local, family owned business known for top-quality products. Create storage in a finished basement, make better use of a corner or hallway, or create a wardrobe designed to be the focal point of a room. Virtually anything is possible with our storage systems. To get inspiration and see the quality of our products in person, you can visit our Chicago showroom — where you'll find the same products used on a popular home remodeling show! We oversee the entire customization process, start to finish, and give you quality control, so the end result will meet your exact requirements. Reach out to us anytime to learn more!

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